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  • Harvey

    A wonderful place where the beauty and tranquility overcame everyone and we have no choice but to present the best of what we are capable.

    It would be true to say this magical place brought out the best in all of us….

    What I found upon arrival was a group of people who truly cared about, not only our needs, but us as people…. On this trip, like no other I have experienced, my expectations were exceeded in every respect.

  • Pat

    This place rocks…. This place is one in a million, just beautiful.

  • Rae Ellen

    Little Whale Cay has raised the bar on experiences from here on. Perfection has been achieved with the staff, food, scenery and ambience…. After 7 days we are still speechless.

  • Charles

    Saving the 3 turtles from being eaten, catching 30 pound barracuda, body boarding on amazingly strong waves and going 80 miles per hour on a powerboat. Thank you for introducing me to this first life time experience.

  • Will

    My best moment was when we jumped off into the big pool called the blue hole. Thank you.

  • Michael

    Give me a longer sentence next time. I can take at least 30 years of this penal servitude!

  • Sue & John

    There have been enough superlatives said about this island – it’s time to get down to basics – WOW!

  • Rod & Di

    Just quite simply the best holiday we have ever had! An impossible act to follow…  An unforgettable experience.

  • Kerry & Paul

    It’s very inconsiderate of you to give people such an unimaginably good time and then leave them the impossible task of where to go next time.

  • The weather over the last couple of weeks has been beautifully behaved.

    It rains at night and the days have been calm and sunny. Perfect for exploring the surrounding islands. We have two families staying and a group of us took the island boat up to the blue hole on Hoffman’s Cay, where all the kids jumped in from the ledge 20 feet above the lagoon into the dark, cool water below. Then we went to Flo’s for conch fritters and grouper, washed down with Chester’s world class rum punch, while a friend, Peter Holt talked to Chester about his uncle, who used to own the island opposite Little Harbour.

    Our island tortoises, Tom, Dick and Harry, are growing almost big enough to be released, without being in danger of being mown by the tractor. One day we’ll be able to ride on them and perhaps even have tortoise races.