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  • Island news

    Although I haven’t been on the island lots has been happening.

    Tomorrow afternoon we preview the film David, Nicola and the crew were making while they were in the Bahamas three weeks ago.  I am so excited to see it.  Once it’s finished it’ll be embedded in this website and will tell our island story in a way that photographs never can.

    We’ve been approached by The Pink House Mustique, who’d like us to sell their beautiful swimwear in the island shop – so watch this space, soon our guests will be able to travel even lighter, knowing they’ll be able to buy everything they’ll need for the beach when they get to the Cay.

    When I get back to Little Whale Cay I’m going to find out more about the marine park that’s been set up around Whale Cay.  Several of the buoys that mark the park have disappeared and need to be replaced and it might be a good idea to employ a park warden.

    Here’s a sweet photograph, taken by Anja (Happy Birthday Anja!), of one of the birds that shares our island breakfasts.


  • Leaving the island

    Is always so sad, but as a friend of mine used to say, the sooner you leave the sooner you can return.  We’ve had the most wonderful time, many, many thanks to all our staff, especially to Ben and Anja, our tireless managers, who’ve been working so hard with the film crew.  Anja’s going to send me photographs from Little Whale while we’re away, so expect updates even though we aren’t there ourselves.