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  • A Sunset To Reflect On

    Living on the island we are often gifted with two sunsets; which one does your eye see as the real one? The one in your sky or its reflection?

    A Sunset to Reflect On

    A Sunset to Reflect On

  • January

    The weather in January has been lovely and although blustery days here and there, the sun still shines. We must be Bahamian now because the water is too cool for us to swim but we know if we were visitors from the snowy north, nothing would keep us out of the lovely blue water.

    Sundays always seem to be beautiful, with blue skies and water like glass so we take advantage and head out in the boat to explore. This past Sunday, we headed SW and went up and around Big Whale Cay. This took us through the shallow teal water dotted with large starfish every ten feet and over a ship-wrecked barge teaming with colorful fish. On the ocean side of Big Whale, we slowed to enjoy the site of the historical buildings on the cay. Sitting large and alone on one of the highest bluffs is the over ninety-year old church. Sadly, a tree grows out of the dilapidated roof top but the structure continues to stand strong as it has through countless hurricanes.




  • Trip to the Blue Hole

    A day trip to the Blue hole on Hoffman’s Cay is just a pleasant boat ride from LWC. A group of us loved the experience and floated away the afternoon in the salty water after the thrill of jumping in!




  • Incredible Kite Surfing

    Early in January a group along with their kite surfing instructor visited Little Whale Cay. After four full days of kiting, they concluded that the area around Little Whale Cay, offered some of the best winds locations that they had experienced.

    kite surfing

    Catching a Ride!

    Come sail away!

    Come sail away!