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Little Whale Cay is located 140 miles southeast of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, in the Berry Island chain of the Bahamas. Below are some flight duration details:




New York Little Whale 3hrs
Los Angeles Little Whale 5hrs
London Nassau 9hrs
Fort Lauderdale Nassau 1.5hrs
Nassau Little Whale 15min

Little Whale Cay has it’s own 2,000’ airstrip, suitable for light twin aircraft. Flying from Fort Lauderdale, customs can be cleared at Chub Cay – a port of entry into the Bahamas – before an onward flight of five minutes into Little Whale Cay.

Chub Cay’s airstrip is suitable for private jet aircraft, where you can transfer into a smaller aircraft or be collected by one of the Little Whale Cay island boats.

If your flight leaves from London to Nassau, it’s possible to arrive at Little Whale Cay, the Bahamas, on the afternoon of your departure in time for tea.


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